Originally built in 1973, the Dolly-Reed Plaza building was purchased by the State of South Dakota in 2007.  A complete renovation project from 2009-2012 is registered with the LEED green building certification program.

The renovated building incorporates many green building principles to achieve energy efficiency and water savings, design and materials selection to promote indoor environmental quality, and sustainable site development.

Energy Efficiency:

  • The building uses 50% less electricity after its green renovation;
  • A geothermal system uses 48 wells, each 300' deep in the nearby Civil War Memorial Park to heat and cool the building;
  • 80 solar panels and 2 vertical axis wind turbines supply 20,000 kWh of electricity onsite every year;
  • The ventilation system reuses the air discharged from inside the building to heat or cool the fresh air entering the building.
  • High efficiency lighting is also motion and daylight sensitive and cuts electricity used for lighting by 10%;
  • Added insulation and high efficiency windows help exceed advanced building energy code;
  • A third party engineer verified that HVAC systems were designed, installed and calibrated to operate at high performance.

Water Efficiency:

  • High efficiency fixtures reduce bathroom water use by 50%;
  • Each waterless urinal saves 6,600 gallons of water every year;
  • Landscaping with native grasses that don't need irrigation saves 340,000 gallons of water every year.

Materials & Resources:

  • A recycling program collects office paper, plastic, aluminum, cardboard and newsprint generated in daily operations;
  • 874 tons of construction waste (97% of the total) generated during renovation was sent to recycling centers or reused instead of dumped in the landfill;
  • 18% of construction materials used in renovation included recycled content;
  • 78% of new wood used in renovation came from certified renewable forests.

Indoor Environmental Quality:

  • Carpeting, paint and adhesives are made of materials that release fewer and less harmful chemical fumes;
  • Ventilation systems provide outdoor air at a rate 30% higher than required by building code;
  • After renovation, air in the building was flushed out and tested to ensure high indoor air quality before occupancy;
  • Employees have control of 51 thermostats and 52 light controls;
  • Tobacco use is prohibited.

Sustainable Site Development:

  • Stormwater runoff is filtered to prevent pollutants from entering the local watershed;
  • White reflected roofing material reduces building heat caused by the sun (heat island effect).